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Bradley Roberts

Bradley Roberts Bradley Roberts is a seasoned professional with knowledge and experience that spans multiple disciplines and stretches over many years. He is a man who wears many hats. He has that rare capability of being both a Generalist and a Specialist at one and the same time. He is innovative, persistent, and detail oriented.
Some of the areas where he has expertise and experience include the following:

Bradley has a BS Degree in Information and Computer Science (ICS) from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). There, he specialized in Database Systems and Artificial Intelligence. But he has a long standing interest in IT. He has always been interested in computers, going back to when he won the state science fair by building his first computer. He has always used computers at home and work.

Bradley has a long-standing interest in Ministry. In fact, he has a M.Div Degree from Emory University. He specialized in Church Administration and was part of NACBA while there. He has served the local Church in multiple roles. These days, he puts his technical skills to work in Technical Ministry. You will find him supporting worship by working behind the scenes on the technology. In fact, he even runs a Blog on Ministry and Technology.

Bradley also has a BA Degree in Philosophy from Mississippi State University. He graduated with Honors from the School of Arts and Sciences. Bradley also has a long standing interest in Science Fiction. He has watched every Star Trek TV Show and Movie. He has also seen every Star Wars Movie, and is looking forward to finishing the Trilogy of Trilogies. Bradley is also an avid hiker, spending hours on the trails in the mountains. He likes to hike so much that he even made a Drupal 8 web site to share his experiences. You can check it out at AwesomeHikingExperience.com.

Kelley Roberts

Kelley Roberts Kelley Roberts is an Educator and Administrator with experience in Grants and Contracts at the University level. She has helped Universities win over $6M in national grants. And she has taught English as an adjunct professor at the college level.

Kelley has a MEd degree from the University of North Georgia. She has taught English both at the College and High School level. At UNG she served as the Director of Grants and Contracts. She has expertise in Pre and Post Award Administration.

Kelley has a BA Degree from Georgia State University (GSU). She is an effective facilitator of small groups. She has also participated in the College Business Management Institute. And she has a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Kelley also has a BS Degree from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Her specialization was in Industrial Management. She also helps out with other services at Darby from time to time.

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