Darby Consulting Integration

Web Integration Services

Websites Integrated Together Darby knows how to Integrate web sites together in a seamless fashion. Integration will present your organization in a consistent way. This removes the incongruity that you get with distinct web sites on different machines. (Although the underlying technology may actually be on separate machines for performance reasons.) Integration may involve:
  • Merging file systems together so that we transitions are fluid.
  • Configuring Web Servers to serve up different systems together.
  • Adding links from one Web Site to Another so that users move effortlessly between them.
  • Verifying that the look and feel of the site is the same.

The Darby Consulting web site is an example at this point. It integrates a static HTML5 site (parent) with a BLOG site (WordPress child). The Blog is accessed through the Pages link in the Top Right Corner of this page. The Blog is used to report the status of current projects and share current trends in the various areas that Darby Consultants cover.

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