Darby Consulting Innovation

Longing For Innovation

Innovation is the application of better solutions to problems that meet new requirements, addresss unfulfilled needs, or match the emerging needs of the market. It takes thinking outside the box to identify a new approach that is innovative. Staff at Darby are able to wear both a Generalist and a Specialist hat at the same time, which helps them think outside of the box of normal problem solving. The result is the generation of innovative ideas that often prove to be a better solution.

Innovation often involves brainstorming. You start with an understanding of the problem at hand. Then you use a white-board to sketch out a series of ideas about possible solutions. Then you weigh each idea in turn in terms of innovation, value added, and potential work required to implement it. Sometimes great ideas wind up being too expensive to implement right now. You look for the innovative solutions that have just never occurred to the team before. Darby Staff has a way of coming up with those approaches. This is a result of their broad and deep Experience.

Darby´s team members will help implement the innovative solution, taking it as far as you need in the development process. We can provide pseudocode, design documentation, first edition code, and final, debugged code for a solution that is production ready. Let us help you bring innovative solutions to the table.

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